Our Firm


Who We Are

Page, Scrantom, Sprouse, Tucker & Ford, P.C. is the largest and one of the oldest law firms in the West Georgia region with a reputation for providing a broad range of outstanding legal services to businesses, individuals and governmental entities principally located in the Columbus, Georgia and surrounding areas. With thirty-six attorneys and a support staff of twenty-eight, our firm has established itself as a leader in the fields of business, corporate, real estate, tax, estate planning, trademark and employment law, family law, as well as commercial, general, and insurance defense litigation.

We maintain a broad-based general legal practice that is regional in scope. Because of the broad scope of our practice, we have attracted and maintain a diverse client base, ranging from large publicly-held corporations to small, private companies and individuals. Regardless of the size of your business or the complexity of your legal needs, we are dedicated to promptly responding to your needs with professional, efficient and quality legal services.

Our History

Our firm was founded in 1902 with the formation of a partnership between prominent Columbus lawyers, Lester C. Slade and Herman H. Swift, both members of families significant in the development of Columbus, Georgia.

At the time of the First World War, Mr. Swift was chairman of the Muscogee County Chapter of the Red Cross, the oldest chapter in the state.  He was a member of the Georgia Legislature and later commissioned as a Major in the Judge Advocate Department of the U.S. army.  He was president of the Georgia Bar Association.  Among his clients was Franklin D. Roosevelt, while he was a lawyer practicing in New York City and seeking to be elected Governor of New York.  After contracting infantile paralysis in 1921, Mr. Roosevelt came to the healing waters at Warm Springs, Georgia.  He was so impressed with that facility that he formed and developed the Georgia Warm Springs Foundation and chose Mr. Swift to be his lawyer in Georgia to accomplish the land acquisition and form the Foundation.

The firm continued under the name Slade and Swift until 1930 when it became Slade, Swift, Pease and Davidson and then Swift, Pease, Davidson and Chapman which ultimately became the first major firm in Georgia to become a professional corporation in 1971.  In 1954, Swift, Pease, Davidson and Chapman constructed the first free standing law office in Columbus.

After the retirement of Mr. Slade, Mr. Swift continued the law firm, which at the time of his death in 1955, carried the name of Swift, Pease, Davidson and Chapman.  The first new lawyer added was Harry Benning Pease, a descendant of General Henry L. Benning for whom Ft. Benning (now the Maneuver Center of Excellence) was named.  Next came J.Q. Davidson, a graduate of Mercer University School of Law, Summa Cum Laude, with what was then the highest academic grade average.  Mr. Davidson was a principal founder of Columbus State College (now Columbus State University) with a building on its campus named for him, and counted among his many clients, Cason J. Callaway, the founder and developer of Ida Cason Callaway Gardens.  Mr. Joe Chapman recognized as the “Dean” of the Columbus Real Estate Bar, also joined the firm.  Later W.M. Page, a member of the Columbus newspaper publishing company family joined the firm.  Mr. Page took a leave of absence from the firm during World War II in combat then for four years in the North African, Italian and Normandy Landing and with General George Patton in Europe and thereafter returned to practice law with the firm.  In addition, Tom B. Slade, son of Mr. Slade, joined the firm as did Mr. Davidson’s son-in-law, Lee H. Henkel, Jr., who later became Chief Counsel for the Internal Revenue Service.  Another of our former partners, John T. Laney, III, has been serving since 1986 as the United States Bankruptcy Judge for the Middle District of Georgia and is currently Chief Judge of that Court.

Building upon these auspicious beginnings, the firm’s most significant event was the firm’s merger with the leading and outstanding Columbus firm of Sprouse, Tucker & Ford, giving rise to the firm’s current name, Page, Scrantom, Sprouse, Tucker & Ford.

Our firm has always attracted achieving graduates from a variety of law schools including Emory, Mercer, the University of Georgia, New York University, Duke, Stetson, Notre Dame, George Washington, Georgetown, Samford, William and Mary, University of Alabama, University of Florida, University of Southern California and Florida State. Throughout our firm’s history, members of the firm have consistently distinguished themselves as civic leaders in Columbus and as professional leaders in local, state, and national bar associations.

At this time, 4 of our lawyers hold a Master’s Degree in Taxation, 13 are also admitted to the State Bar of Alabama, and several others are admitted in Virginia, South Carolina, Florida and the District of Columbia.

Our firm continues its high standards of excellence with men and women who specialize in many areas particularly corporate law, family law,  federal and state income and estate tax, a full spectrum of litigation, such as, commercial, trust, insurance defense and personal injury, as well as, probate, wills and trusts, bankruptcy, banking and real estate law.  Our firm members have consistently distinguished themselves as leading lawyers at local, state and national levels and in the performance of community service.  This tradition continues.